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Life Management

What is Stage II Recovery?

Stage II Recovery is the phase that occurs after the alcoholic/addict has been in recovery for 6 to 12 months. Now that the addiction has been arrested, there are other personal, “deeper” issues that often need to be addressed. Stage II Recovery is fully explained in Earnie Larsen’s two books, Stage II Recovery-Life Beyond Addiction and Stage II Recovery-Love Beyond Addiction.

If you can relate to any of these quotes you may be ready to take the next steps in a Stage II recovery program:

“I have been sober for 9 years and I am growing more and more angry. I I can’t figure it out. I swore I wouldn’t act out my anger like my father did.”

“My wife accuses me of being on a dry drunk. I don’t know what she means because I get to meetings all the time, yet our marriage is falling apart.”

“I’ve done my 4th Step and I still feel like something is missing.”

“Even though many areas of my life are on track since being in recovery, I still feel unfulfilled and empty. I am searching to make my life feel whole.”

“Fears stop me from getting close to anyone. I am carrying some baggage that I can’t get rid of – even working a strong program I’m scared of intimacy and trust.”

What is the Life Management Program?

The Life Management program was designed by Earnie Larsen to address issues that often do not improve by solely stopping the drinking and/or drug use. Earnie Larsen has written 50 books and is considered a pioneer and leading authority in methodologies for on-going recovery from addictions and their underlying problems. His psycho-educational program, Life Management, teaches cognitive re-structuring and behavior modification techniques in a structured format to resolve “deeper” level problems, address family of origin issues and construct a dynamic relapse prevention plan. The Life Management Program has been offered since 1990 and thousands of individuals have experienced the benefits of the course.

Typical problem areas addressed in the Life Management Program include the following:

  • how to take control of and safely express feelings (especially anger)
  • improve communication skills
  • learn conflict resolution skills
  • learn self-affirmation techniques
  • prevent poor decision making from acting on impulse
  • address life problems related to an inability to delay gratification
  • cope with discouragement, rejection and failure without blaming others
  • establish healthy boundary setting skills
  • choose a healthy partner
  • establish and maintain healthy friendships

How Does the Life Management Program fit with a 12 Step program?

As the result of his working a 12 Step program, Earnie Larsen designed the Life Management Program. The methods and techniques are meant to enhance a 12 Step recovery experience, not in any way to replace it. Most people who complete the Life Management Program state that it helped them take a more complete 4th Step and gave them better tools to work a 10th Step in day-to-day recovery.

Is the Life Management Program appropriate for family members affected by alcoholism/addiction?

The Life Management Program is appropriate for anyone who has been adversely affected by alcoholism or drug addiction, including spouses, other family members and adult children. Program graduates who are family members or adult children of alcoholics, often comment on how the Life Management Program helped them in breaking the intergenerational cycle of co-dependency and addiction in their family.

What is required of a person to take the Life Management Program?

The Life Management Program is taught in 7 two-hour classes. A class is limited to no more than 12 individuals. Each participant receives the copyrighted Life Management Program workbook. This 60-page workbook includes material covered in each of the 7 sessions, the worksheets for use between sessions, and accountability group guidelines.

Each participant is asked to make a commitment to attend the 7 sessions. If you are in therapy, it is recommended you share this program information with your therapist. You will also be asked to do a 5 minute telephone interview before starting the program.

How much does The Life Management Program cost?

The Life Management Program cost is $400. However, at this time, we are able to offer the course for $200. This tuition reduction is due to the generous underwriting by the Anonymous Foundation.

When and where is the Life Management Program offered?

The course is currently offered only at our Albany site at 301 South Allen Street in a comfortable, professional setting with easy access and free off street parking. This office is approximately 50 yards down from the corner of New Scotland Avenue and South Allen Street. This intersection has a Domino’s Pizza and an Eckert Pharmacy on the two corners. St. Peter’s Hospital is across the street from this intersection.

Please call (518) 446-9191 to find out when the next course will be offered.

For additional information, call Jim Garrett at (518) 446-9191 or email him at

Who are the certified Life Management Program instructors?

Greg Spencer, CASAC – is one of the first individuals in New York State certified to offer the Life Management Program. He is in personal recovery for 19 years and has been active in the addictions treatment field since 1989. He is currently involved in program development work and consulting in the addiction field.

James Garrett, CSW – is certified to offer the Life Management Program, having completed the week-long training program. He is in personal recovery for over 23 years and has a long-standing commitment to treating addiction and families affected from living with addiction. He maintains a private practice specializing in recovery oriented treatment and does training and consulting on both a regional and national level.

How do I register?

To find out when the next Life Management program course will be offered
call (518) 446-9191 or contact us.