(LINC Individual Family Empowerment)

The primary objective of LIFE is to reduce risk-taking behavior.

We believe in the inherent competence of individuals, families, and communities. 

Family knows more about itself and its culture than any outside intervener.

We show families how to change their stories and themes of vulnerability to ones of resilience.

LIFE enables counselors to work with families of multiple cultures, languages, structures.

LIFE intervention is used in many situations including,  HIV prevention, child abuse, domestic violence, addiction, cultural transition, and recovery from community violence and economic upheaval.

LIFE is comprised of 8-12 interwoven sessions.  

We focus on enhancing positive connectedness, re-storying, exploring intergenerational stories of vulnerability and resilience, and recreating ritual and celebration. 

Our other sessions focus on the specific request, need, or problem of the individual, family, or community, or prevention of a specific problem.

Why it works

By involving a family member not directly caught in the issues allows the outside professional to intervene effectively.

This collaboration is composed of two different kids of  ‘‘experts’’— the family (expert on their structure, history, culture, and goals for change) and the counselor (expert on theory and means for bringing about change).