Transitional Family Therapy

Transitional Family Therapy


All individuals, families and communities are perpetually in transition, and are inherently resilient and competent.

We’re able to access our resilience if the number of stressors does not outweigh our material and relational resources.

What happens when stressors outweigh resources?

Disconnectedness perpetuates trauma, anxiety and disease.

We facilitate and guide the family and community to explore their history across generations, focusing on intergenerational strengths rather than vulnerabilities. These strengths, themes, scripts and legacies are the primary tools that we use to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Acknowledging challenges and successes over time allows us to view the present without blame, shame, and guilt, and to trust ourselves and look forward with hope.

Connection is resilience.

Evidence-Based, Best Practice Transitional Family Therapy helps access and facilitate Family and Community Links to build a matrix of healing in families and communities by enhancing relational resilience.

Why it works

Link therapists are trusted and have easy long-term access, particularly in communities or traditional extended families where professional intervention is neither invited nor welcomed.

Transitional Family Theory and Therapy is here-and-now, intergenerational and ecosystemic. Its emphasis is on empowering individuals, families, and communities to take charge of their own direction in order to achieve their goals.